The club was formed at the start of the summer of 2009 by a break-away group of people who came from a highly successful team within the BDA and who wanted to create more competition in the North West within the sport.

The ethos of the club is to give it's members the opportunity to excel in this sport regardless of age or gender and to give it's members an environment which is enjoyable and encouraging to train in. To achieve this, we will use experienced training staff and new innovative ideas with the mindset that two heads are better than one, and ten is better than two! The club is gong to be running in a diplomatic manner with structure and guidelines which are put in place to give members the best training experience possible.

Most importantly it is not just a team, it is a family and the social aspect of the team is pinnacly important, if we can't function as a club, we will not race sucessfuly as a team.

The committee is in place to provide support and structure for it's members drawing on each individual's experience and valuable knowledge.....and here they are.

Vice Chair/Head Coach
Head Coach
Social Secretary
Junior Welfare Officer
Sports Therapist Contact
Junior Spokesperson

Bob Bridge
Karen Hewitt
Jackie Bridge
Pete Preston
Mal Hamer
Alex Hewitt
Jo Bridge
Alex Rimmer
Charlie Bridge